Fredrik’s truth (Fredrik’s story in English)

Fredrik called me today while I was at the park with Barkley, and we had the chance to talk about what really happened the day when the police shot his two dogs.
He didn’t have the strength yet to watch the video, and he’s not sure that he ever will watch it
the first couple of days after the incident he didn’t remember anything, but with the days passing by, the memory slowly came back
This is Fredriks story

Fredrik had been out drinking 3 beers with his friend and sat down at his usual spot to have one last cigarette before going home, when the police approached him asking what he was doing there
during the entire conversation the officer was leaning against the wall, with his arm only inches from Rosso’s head
Rosso(10 months old) was sitting down and waiting, and Rambo(1 year old) was sitting on the other side of Fredrik
both dogs are on leash

he reacts to the fact that the police is giving him attitude talking about his ”fighting dogs”
he answers that its Cane corso and are young dogs and sweet family members
the police keeps referring to the dogs as fighting dogs
not once during this conversation do the police ask about Fredrik’s name
He thinks that the situation is uncomfortable and is trying to keep his cool, even though now and again he’s giving some attitude back. But he knows that it will get him in trouble so he tries to stay calm
For reasons unknown, the police decides to take him in, and Fredrik then asks the police if he could call his mother so she can come get the dogs, but they refused.
I thought this is where the police left Fredrik and walked over to his colleague, but thats not right
the cop stays and becomes more agitated  
still standing leaning against the wall next to Rosso
he talks a while longer then walks over to his colleague
he gets the feeling that the two policemen are friends
they are standing there a while whispering and tapping each other on the shoulder
one of the officers approaches Fredrik and the dogs and ”stomps” with his foot towards Rambo
and Fredrik gets the impression that he is trying to get an reaction from the Rambo
the officer is making a movement towards the dog
Rambo, that has been sitting nicely all the time is now standing up, but is not moving
you can clearly see in the video that the officer is running towards the dog, and then backs away and pulls out his gun

the first shot that is fired is shot at Rambo.. and this is where Rosso reacts, running towards the attacker
Fredrik is still holding on to the two dogs, but sometime during the struggle, Rambo gets away in panic and runs away to save his life, but stops a couple of meters away and sits down, wondering what to do next
Fredrik can see that Rambo is in pain and afraid, but he still stays because he doesn’t know what is expected from him
Fredrik thinks that Rambo was thinking that the officer wanted to play with him, and thats why he stood up, and now he is sitting there, and he dont know whats going on, why he is in pain or what he did wrong
Rosso who now also have been shot with multiple shots is jumping back and forth over Fredrik trying to escape, while they keep shooting at the dog that is jumping over Fredrik

Fredrik can hear every shot that is missing the dogs when it hits the concrete and the wall behind him
he thinks that the closest one is less then 10 cm from his head
at one moment when rosso is jumping over Fredrik they shoot him in the stomach, a bit higher and Fredrik would have been hit in the head, a bit lower and he would have been hit in the stomach
when both dogs have fallen down he pulls out his knife and pulls it twice across his throat
luckily the blade is facing the wrong way and nothing happens
so this is when Fredrik pulls the knife, and not when the police rushes him as thought before
and he didn’t threaten to take his life at any point until here 

the policemen rush Fredrik and disarm him with batons
they keep hitting him over the legs and his chest even after he dropped the knife
while he’s lying there, he can hear his dog grasping for air besides hum
he’s still alive, and Fredrik doesn’t know when Rosso dies
what he does see though is that a couple of yards away Rambo is now lying on the ground twitching
and he sees one of the officers that clubs to death with his baton
when I ask Fredrik why he thins that the police is acting so aggressive and violent he says that he thinks it’s because the police are already fired up from having to deal with the supporters from the soccergame that was played near by
that’s why the police were in the neighborhood

there’s a lot of questions swirling around in his head today
Why me.. why my dogs
the police didn’t know him when they approached him or when they started firing their guns
so, he just dont understand
he wasn’t wanted
he wasn’t a threat, neither was his dogs
he didn’t threat to take his life
the only thing he can think of, is that he was judged because of his dogs
Fredrik has now filed a complaint with the police
he feels that he was treated well by the officer that conducted the interview
so lets keep our fingers crossed that this doesn’t just passes un-noticed
its up to us not to keep this alive
I’ve tried to be as exact as possible in this text
and to keep my emotions out of it
it was hard for Fredrik to tell the story and hard for me to hear it
so I had to shut down emotionally while talking to him, and while writing this text

please keep spreading this story
and signing the petition
thanks for taking the time to read this

12 thoughts on “Fredrik’s truth (Fredrik’s story in English)

  1. I own a cane corso, he is the most gentle giant i have ever encountered..His 13 siblings are the same, and i am at a loss as to why this dam cop would think he was vicious..they are loyal, loving family pets..great with children, I am so sorry that this happend..RIP sweet babies

  2. Hi! Is it true that the dogs were 10 months and 1 year old? I have only heard the version about 7 months and 11 months old dogs?

  3. And also the media has misinformed people with the ages? I need to correct the infos also everywhere else where I have stated the dogs to be 7 months and 11 months old. Can you contact me via email? Just to make sure that I have the right info now as you are Fredriks friend?

    And for all people! Here is fb-group that got started because of this incident. We are against dog-hate caused by Media. Check this out:

    ”This group is against the wrong information about dog bites in Media. Group got started in Finland, when Finnish media only gave information about aggressive dogs relating to October’s 2012 shootings in Stockholm.

    When giving the information in the way that only creates dogfear or doghate among the people, media in Finland also ignored totally the fact that Police had shot towards humanbeing, who was able and wanting to co-operate with the police.

    We are against the idea of letting the important subjects to go without publishing them, but still publishing only half-truth about the dogs, or like in this case – publishing the whole new in a way that it is not anymore truthful and not publishing about the serious subjects behind that.

    The polices act in this situation (shooting towards humanbeing) should have been in the medias page in first hand, especially when the act (shooting) have been this enormous and is happening towards the person who wants and is able to co-operate with the police and whose dogs are not dangerously acting, but seem to react to the police when police provoked them and wanted them to react. ”

      • Yes – I didn’t thought so either. I just think that I have been spreading out the word they are 7months and 11 months, but thank you for getting that right! It’s just a small thing but it confused some people in Finland, when they can find two truths.

  4. there is nothing worse than when those in power,
    wield careless and cruel abuse,
    as their victims, cower.
    this senseless violence done,
    because they ”can”
    must end its run,
    this is the worst of man!!!!!!!!

    • *Storlipar* Igen.. Sitter och funderar på vad ja ska skriva.. Men kommer på… låten talar för sej självt.. Tack för den.. ❤
      Jag har delat "Fredriks sanning" lite här och där worldwide till "ARA"s (Animal Right Activists) å andra, vi är många i olika länder.. Många är upprörda kan jag säga, utomlands menar jag då.. Hoppas så många som möjligt skriver på..
      Tack ni i Finland och alla andra. 😦 Together we´re strong.. Kram Fredrik, hundkillen, och alla. ❤


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